Real estate service for expats


Your personal representation on site


Would you like your property to be well looked after while you are abroad? Or are you looking for support for your move to Berlin?


VICA Immobilien Management offers an all-in support service for all your real estate needs and is there for you as your personal representative.



In a free initial consultation, we get to know each other and talk about your needs. You will then receive a customised offer, suitable for your individual situation and with a focus on your personal needs.



VICA represents you locally in Berlin and the surrounding area and is there for you with online consulting for all other locations worldwide. Let us find out how VICA can help you!


VICA stands for a high level of expertise, commitment and genuine customer service.

I am your personal representative on site for all matters relating to real estate.

My aim is to find solutions that really suit you. With my offer I would like to make your life easier.


Every life situation and every property is unique. Therefore, my service is always tailor-made. Let’s talk about your plans, so that I can make you an offer tailored individually to your needs.

As a real estate expert and administrator, I take care of most of the issues myself. In some cases, such as a renovation or a move, I have competent partners at my side who support me in realising your goals. If you wish, there can always be only one contact person for you – that’s me.

Over more than 20 years in the real estate business, I’ve gained a wealth of experience and comprehensive know-how. Above all, it is good customer service that matters a great deal to me. I am on the spot, I am an expert and I am there for you.

A professional reorientation often means more than just a new job. There are many new experiences and challenges to be mastered. I am happy to support you in real estate matters - so that you can focus on your new everyday life.


I am happy to learn more about your plans and wishes. In most cases, I can already give you a few helpful tips during the first consultation. If you would like more support, let's arrange further appointments!

Do you have an apartment or a house that you would like to rent out? I would be happy to do that for you. I will determine the amount of the rent and design online advertisements. I’ll conduct viewings, and after prior credit checks, suggest to you suitable candidates. I can support you in concluding the tenancy agreement, take care of the deposit management, and hand over the property keys to the new tenants.

I am happy to take over the management of your rented unit and be the contact person for your tenant. I will manage the rent account and take care of the annual service charge statement for you. If you are also a member of a property owners' association, I will be happy to be the contact person for your property management company.

Are you planning to buy a property? I will be happy to support you in your search for your dream property, accompany or represent you at viewing appointments and advise you on the procedures involved in the purchase process. I am there for you to commission a draft purchase contract from the notary, to support you during the notarisation and to accompany you until the contract has been fully executed. This includes the monitoring of purchase contract commitments as well as representation at the acceptance & handover of the property.

For the sale of your property, I offer you my support for the entire sales process. I support you with the determination of the offer price, the compilation of the sales documents and take over the marketing for you. I conduct viewings, check the creditworthiness of prospective buyers and take over sales negotiations. I accompany or represent you at the notarisation of the purchase contract and take over the handover to the new owners.

You have already found an interesting property to buy or would like to sell your own property, but do not know how best to proceed? I will be happy to support you in sifting through or compiling all the documents relevant to the sale. It doesn't matter whether you are already in the middle of the process or just starting out: I will help you to keep an overview!

For rental or your own use, I coordinate the professional renovation of your property. For bigger projects, I support you in finding the right construction management. As your representative, I make appointments with tradesmen and document the construction progress.

In Berlin and other cities and states it’s usually not permitted to leave a property vacant for longer than three months. I’d be happy to explain to you what needs to be considered, and take care of your vacant property.

It is important to have someone on site who can keep an overview. Especially when an emergency occurs, for example due to an insurance claim. The situation requires quick and considered action. It's good to have a trusted person on site who can act appropriately and, above all, in your best interests.

For your return I am here for you with my return home service. New furniture will be moved in before you arrive. If you would you also like a thorough cleaning, I will be happy to take care of it. I’ll support you in registering your residence and, if necessary, arrange a temporary accommodation for you until you move into your own home. I will help you in choosing a moving company and will be on site to coordinate the move on the day that you move in.


Thank you for your interest.

Please send me a message to, give me a call or contact me via WhatsApp:

About Me

My aim is to support you in all matters relating to real estate. I’ll help you with a clear head, empathy and expertise. I am a trained businesswoman with 20 years of experience in the real estate and housing sector, a certified real estate expert and property manager with degrees from IHK and the German Real Estate Academy. For many years I worked in contract management for a property developer. I know the need for active support and the desire for a person that listens and understands, and offers individual solutions. That person is me!

With VICA I have created an offer that is specifically tailored to the needs of expats. VICA, in fact, is derived from vicaria, Latin for representative. That’s what I want to be for you: the representative for your interests and partner in all matters concerning your real estate.

Let me know what I can do for you! I’ll keep track of everything for you, so that everything is as it should be.

Sincerely, Stefanie Gurow


VICA offers a unique real estate service tailored to the needs of expatriates. I am your personal representative and confidant on site for all matters relating to real estate. In addition, VICA stands for a high level of expertise, commitment and genuine customer service. My aim is to find solutions that really suit you.

Step 1: Please send me a message or call me to make an appointment.
Step 2: We get to know each other and you explain your individual needs.
Step 3: I will put together an offer that’s tailor-made for you.
Step 4: We agree on a contract and VICA takes over from there. It’s all very relaxed and easy.

I am happy to support you online with many topics, for example with regard to a consultation or for the review of documents. Physical proximity is not necessary for this. For leasing or administration, on-site support is required. My radius is Berlin and the surrounding area. Please feel free to contact me so that we can find out what I can do for you.

Yes. To do this, simply send me the tenancy agreement and the relevant information, grant a power of attorney for the management of the tenancy, and you’re all set.

If you are a member of an owners’ association, there is a condominium management for the residential complex. I will gladly take over the management of your apartment. If you wish, I can also be the contact person for the condominium management.

Yes. This is possible by means of a temporary tenancy agreement. However, there are some important conditions to be observed, to ensure that the contract is valid. As a real estate expert and property manager, I know all about this and will be happy to support you.

Yes, but only for a limited amount of time. According to the prohibition of incorrect use law your property may not remain vacant for more than three months as a rule. Would you like to learn more about this? Then click here (German content) or get in touch with me.

If you’d like, I will gladly take over the vacancy management for the period of the permitted vacancy.

As a landlord, you are free to decide how you would like to rent out your apartment: Furnished, partly furnished or unfurnished. What fits best depends on your own situation and also on which target group you would like to adress. I will be happy to advise you on the various possibilities and advantages.

I am happy to support you in all phases: When you leave, I can support you with my advice on which solution is best suited to your situation - also already with a view to possible wishes when you return. During your absence, I will be happy to take care of everything that needs to be done, from renting to administration to coordinating renovation work. When you return, I will be there for you with my homecoming service. In addition, I can also help you with all other issues such as a sale or purchase, with the handling of a notary contract and with many other issues. I am also happy to continue to manage a tenancy after your return if you do not wish to move back into your property yourself. Let's talk about your ideas and wishes!

Let’s talk about your wishes. I’ll be happy to support you when you leave the country, while you are abroad, on your return, and afterwards.